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Healthy Home Project

Do you live in a cold home? Will your health be affected by the cold this winter?

The new initiative called the Healthy Homes Project is funded by the British Gas Energy Trust. Humber & Wolds Rural Community Council (HWRCC) is co-ordinating a united effort with the local authority and voluntary & community sector groups, carers associations, home improvement agencies, health professionals and others to focus on improving winter health, energy efficiency, warming cold homes and providing emergency support. This will address the root causes of cold homes and its effect on those living with health conditions.

For more information, an informal chat or to seek help contact:- Humber & Wolds Rural Community Council on 01652 637700 or email

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Following the elections in May 2019, eight parish councillors have been elected into office,  Mike Rowland,  Naizby Noble,  Clif Weston,  Gordon Sciafe,  Maggie Higgins,  Margaret Geraghty, Ruth Jackman and Denise McPeake. This means we currently have vacancies for three parish councillors. If you are interested in becoming a councillor please contact the clerk to the parish for more information.

Welcome to Langtoft Parish Council website.

Langtoft is a small village and civic parish in the East Rising of Yorkshire, England. It is situated 6 miles north of Driffield town centre, and on the B1249 road between Driffield and Foxholes, laying in the heart of the Yorkshire Wolds.

Langtoft has a residency of just under 400, sadly most of the villages amenities have long since closed, yet there still remains a vibrant community.

In 2015 the Parish Council took over the running of the Playing Field on Sledmere Road and is planning to expand the facilities. The decorative gates designed by the previous pupils of the now closed primary school, have been mounted at the entrance of the playing field.

Langtoft has it own outdoor bowling green near to a small Green at the Southern end of the village, on which stands a memorial to one of England's oldest poets, Peter de Langtoft, who was born in the village in the 13th century.

St Peter's church, stands on the hill side overlooking the village, restored in 1900-03 by Sir Tatton Sykes. Inside there is a Saxon font which was bought from Cottam church, the intricate wood work dates from the turn of the century and it's tower contains two bells, one dating from 1620 and the other from 1953.

Langtoft Parish Council is a democratically elected body with a mandate to speak on behalf of all the people living within the parish boundary of Langtoft. The function of the Council is to listen to the residents and to get things achieved in such a way that is best suited to the needs of the local community. The Council does not operate in isolation but seeks to achieve far more by working constructively with other public bodies and organisations.

Our responsibilities include:- Playing Field, Cemetery, grass cutting, trees/boundaries upon our land and the Parish Council finds it has assumed responsibility for the village war memorial.

The Parish Council is currently producing an Emergency Plan to be put in place should extreme events occur and as part of this plan a Defibrillator has been purchased and is located on Back Street on Harland's joinery shop.


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Should you wish to contact the parish council, you can follow the link 'Contact Us' or email

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Langtoft Parish Council with the aid of a grant from Tesco's bags for help, has been able to extend the facilities at Langtoft's playing field. A Multi Use Play Area (MUGA), has been installed at the far end of the field. It is designed for all ages to use with a steel football goal end with a recessed goal and rebound panels, it also has a basket ball ring with an large artificial grass surface.

As well as the MUGA a BMX track has been created, which is located behind the MUGA. This has been constructed by Wold Construction Company Ltd free of charge to the village.

The parish council wish to thank all who has supported the project and hope that the new play equipment will be enjoyed by all.


Gym Equipment

New outdoor fitness equipment has been installed in to the playing field, this bundle compromises of Sit Up Board, Tai Chi Spinner, Multi-Traction, Leg & Arm Strider and Combined Fitness Bike/Stepper, all set on a safamat surface. The equipment is designed for the older children and adults regardless of age, so why attend a gym when within a beautiful setting you can socialize and get fit at the same time.



Langtoft Parish Council are pleased to announce the installation of a defibrillator into the village. It is located on Back Street, attached to Harlands joiner shop.


Thank you to Ian and Craig Harland for allowing the parish to place the defibrillator onto their building and agreeing to be the guardian of the life saving equipment. To gain access to the defibrillator you need to phone the 999 service and they will give you the code for the safe and guide you through operating the defibrillator.